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iHelios System

What is iHelios Heating?

Unlike the traditional, convection heating systems, that heat up the air, which is then circulated around the room, until all the air in the room becomes warm, iHelios doesn’t rely on air circulation to deliver the heat.


Infrared radiation doesn’t warm up the air particles. The heat goes through the air particles and reaches the objects and living organism directly. They absorb it and then slowly radiate it back. Like a concrete or wooden bench getting warm after being expose to the sunlight – the natural source of infrared heat.

Application of infrared radiation to heating technology, allows iHelios system to be super-efficient heating solution. It helps you to save on your energy bills, because the heat is delivered to people and objects directly. There is no need to warm up the entire volume of the air in the rooms in order to warm up the entire space, which consumes much less power than convection heating systems. There is also no significant heat loss due to ventilation, however our smart thermostats take of it with their open window sensor.

Read more about iHelios in this recent BBC News article 

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