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Air Source
Heat Pumps

Generate Renewable Heat & Hot Water

Air Source Heat Pumps use outside air to provide heating for your home. Air is pumped through a heat exchanger which withdraws the heat, like how a refrigerator works but in reverse. They can operate in very low temperatures and are quite popular in countries like Norway and Sweden, where it gets a lot colder than the UK, and which demonstrates they are effective when it’s cold. Certain heat pumps can also be used to cool a home if needed, which is becoming more important as the UK experiences hotter summers.

Some facts an of an ASHP compared to a Gas Boiler

Although ASHP’s have had some bad press around them not heating homes effectively, this is normally down to the capacity / model of ASHP selected being incorrect. We work we very experienced surveyors and installers, and as there are numerous options of ASHP to suit any size of home, we will identify the right solution for your home. Also, these days many ASHPs are as quiet as a typical gas boiler when operational.

What Do I Have To Do?

The only information we initially need is some basic information about your property, your circumstances, and how much your energy bills currently are. We will conduct a desktop survey of your property, and determine your eligibility for any government schemes, which can mean installation for FREE. The process is no obligation right up until the installation has been booked in.


What do you have to lose? You could have your heating system upgraded and bills locked in for the next ten years.

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